Terms & Conditions

CAMPSITE RULES: ADMITTANCE TO THE CAMPSITE Permission to enter, set up camp and stay on the campsite, is given by the site owner, who is there to ensure that the campsite is well run and that the present rules are respected. Campers should behave in such a way as not to disturb the peace and respect the campsite rules here given. You will be refused entry if you bring persons, animals, or extra vehicles other than those listed on your paid deposit booking.

TIMES: Arrivals are between 2.00 pm and 9:30 pm. Departures must be before 11.00 am.

POLICE FORMALITIES On arrival each guest must first show his/her identity papers/passport to the site owner and fill in the formalities requested by the police. Minors unaccompanied by an adult are not allowed onto the campsite.

PAYMENT Balance to be paid on arrival at the reception.

INSTALLATION OF CAMPING EQUIPMENT The tent, caravan, or campervan should be set up in the place indicated by the site owner.

RECEPTION Opening hours: 9h00 – 11h00 & 14h00 – 20h00

NOISE AND SILENCE Campsite users are requested to avoid all noise and talk that may offend other campers. Sound equipment should be played in due respect of others. Please close car doors & boots quietly. Dogs and other animals should be kept on a lead. They should not be left on the campsite, even closed away, when the owner is absent. The owner is responsible for the animal. Silence should be respected between 22h00 and 07h00.

VISITORS are not allowed onto the campsite.

DRIVING AND PARKING VEHICLES 10km/h is the speed limit inside the campsite. Only cars belonging to campers may be driven inside the campsite. Parking is only allowed on your designated pitch and should in no way hinder other campers or prevent newly arrived campers from installing their equipment.

USE OF FACILITIES Campers should respect the cleanliness, hygiene and general aspect of the campsite. Caravan users should empty their wastewater in the facilities provided. Domestic waste and indeed anything to be thrown away should be cleaned and placed in the recycle bins provided. Campers are asked to respect sanitary facilities. Plants and flowers should be respected.

Campers should not hammer nails into trees, cut branches, or plant anything. It is not allowed to create limits around the camping space with personal objects or to dig holes. Campers will be held responsible for any damage they may cause to vegetation, fences, or campsite facilities. The camp spots used during the stay should be maintained in the state the camper finds it in upon arrival.


a) Fire: CHARCOAL BARBECUES ARE NOT PERMITTED Only gas or electric (maximum 900 watts) barbecues are allowed. Due to fire risks open fires (wood, charcoal) are strictly forbidden. Burners should be well maintained and used with care. In case of fire, inform the manager or his representative. Fire extinguishers may be used if necessary. A First Aid Kit is available at the reception.

b) Theft: the site owner watches over the campsite. The camper is responsible for his/her equipment and should inform the site owner of any suspect behavior. Even though the campsite is watched over, campers are advised to take the usual precautions with their belongings.

GAMES Violent or disruptive games are not allowed near camp facilities. Parents are responsible for watching over their children.

UNOCCUPIED EQUIPMENT Unoccupied camping equipment may only be left on the campsite with the site owner’s permission and on the spot indicated.

PET ANIMALS: Animals are accepted on the sole condition that they are kept on a leash, do not wander about the campsite. Any breach of these conditions will result in the cancellation of this contract for the remainder of the holiday, with no compensation or refund payable. Dogs in the 1st and 2nd categories (Rottweiler, Pit-bull, American-Staffordshire…) are forbidden. It is compulsory to have an up-to-date vaccination record and it may be requested at any time.

RULES These rules are posted at the reception and are available for campers upon request.

INFRACTION OF RULES In the case of a camper disturbing another camper’s stay or if the present rules are not respected, the site owner may warn the person, either orally or in writing if necessary. In the case of a serious infraction of the present rules and after a warning, the site owner has the right to rescind the contract. In the case of penal infraction, the police may be called

CANCELLATION INSURANCE: The purchase of cancellation insurance is optional but strongly advised.

CANCELLATION: All cancellations must be notified to us in writing (email or post). It is your responsibility to take out cancellation insurance with your usual insurer. If a cancellation is received at least 7 days before the scheduled arrival date, your deposit will be refunded minus the €10 cancellation fee

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